Digital Amuse-Bouche: April 2016

I’m trying this new thing I’m dubbing Digital Amuse-Bouche, a monthly curation of some favorite articles/reviews. A vote, if you will, for work I find intriguing, fresh, educational, inquisitive, or inspirational.

Digital, because that’s what I’m writing about. Amuse-bouche because it’s one of my favorite words I learned as a loyal fan of Top Chef. Literally translating to, “entertain the mouth,” amuse-bouche means a bite size of something, just enough to give you a taste or a glimpse of some culinary genius. So basically, I’m giving you delightful, appetizer-sized digital nuggets every month.

amuse bouche sample  amuse bouche sample

Fair warning, this will be heavy on SEO, but to me that just means a lot of user experience, content, digital design, etc… all of which contribute to SEO success.

Onward, to the first edition:


Laurel Marcus a design and technology enthusiast. In real life, she is a Senior Manager of SEO and Digital Experience at Tank Design in Cambridge, MA. In her spare time, Laurel likes to cook, play basketball, bike, listen to This American Life, StartUp and Reply All podcasts, and look for coffee shops that serve cafe con leche.

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