New WordPress Template


Don’t be alarmed! This is still I gave my website a facelift, what do you think?

I’m testing out a different WordPress template that might be more suitable for the types of blog entries I’m posting. A friend of mine who is an expert blogger recently pointed out to me that with my original blog template, a user has to scroll down significantly before they could see any content, due to the giant top image that took up half the space.

I’m still tweaking some things here and there, so sit tight. My next [real] blogpost is well underway.

Thanks for all your support and social-love (Tweets, Likes, Shares, +1’s, etc.)┬áso far!


Laurel Marcus a design and technology enthusiast. In real life, she is a Senior Manager of SEO and Digital Experience at Tank Design in Cambridge, MA. In her spare time, Laurel likes to cook, play basketball, bike, listen to This American Life, StartUp and Reply All podcasts, and look for coffee shops that serve cafe con leche.

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